About Us

The Product

Kanusurf® is an American surfwear and swimwear lifestyle brand that has been available since 1997. Designed and marketed in the USA, Kanusurf® specializes in beach wear essentials that combine performance fabrics with great designs. Known for their great fit, function and colours, the high quality functional apparel also includes features like quick dry and spf50+ sun protection (allowing for the comfort of chemical free sun protection) in many of the range.

Not only for the surfers of all grades and the recreational athletes, they are also great for trips to the beach or the pool as well as for lounging around. The fabric features wicking technology that helps to keep moisture away, ideal for running, swimming, working out or just laying around in the sun.

The wide range of mens, womens, boys and girls swim and beach wear available makes finding the perfect summer outfit for all to be an easy task. Matching styles are also available for his/her or the entire FAMILY TEAM!


The Company

Kanusports Australia Pty Ltd has been appointed the sole distributor of Kanusurf® in Australia and its Territories. Well designed, functional and good value, the Australian beach and surf scene will finally get to revel in an American surf icon that has finally arrived in our shores after a wait of 16 years.

Any enquiries for territorial retailing can be made by contacting us. (Please refer to Contact Us in our welcome page)

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